The Wonderup dietary supplement is not the only Wonderup formulation available, as it is accompanied and supported by an equally well researched and carefully developed topical cream.

The Wonderup cream utilises some of the natural ingredients in the complete Wonderup formulation - soy, hops and ginkgo biloba, together with some additional precious and highly beneficial plants such as karite, jojoba and myrrh. It's a valuable addition to taking the Wonderup tablets for all women who wish to further enhance the results they achieve with the main programme, as when combined with taking the main Wonderup formula the cream contributes to faster and greater results, acting in synergy with the daily intake of the herbs. But more than this, the cream has positive effects of it's own, having specific firming, toning and elasticising actions on the breast skin. This means that it can also be used independently of the main formula, as an effective firming and anti-sagging treatment in it's own right and it may also be utilised to help with skin problems in general, such as stretch marks for example.

The cream is based on unsaponifiable olive oil, which is a natural cream base obtained from pure Mediterranean olive oil, a wonderful ingredient for top-quality cosmetics due to its emollient and restitutive effects on the skin as well as its emulsifying and stabilising action on the other precious natural ingredients of the formula. In addition, it contributes to the estrogenic effect of the phytoestrogens in the plant extracts, since it is also rich in phytosterols, which have an extra specific action on the skin - they improve its collagen content and hydration, thereby reinforcing and nourishing it. This all helps to make the Wonderup cream a quality cosmetic and a highly effective treatment for breast firming, in addition of course to its synergistic role and therefore contribution to growth when used in conjunction with the main Wonderup formulation.

Use the Wonderup cream at least daily, though twice a day is better (morning and evening). Apply the cream on the breast skin and massage with circular movements to let it be absorbed by the skin. You can dress straight after, as it is absolutely non-oily and leaves your skin smooth and delicately scented. Each bottle contains 200 ml (6.76 fl oz) and even with intensive daily use will last for about 6 to 8 weeks.

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