What kind of results can I expect?

Increased firmness will be apparent before increased size. The extent of size increase varies a lot, but in general those that are A or B cup are likely to see better results than those that are already C. There are genetics which dictate how large a woman's breasts will get, so for many women C is the most that they can expect. However, every woman is different and some will go to D, if they want to, regardless of where they start from.

How quickly can I tell if anything's happening?

Differences in metabolism and body chemistry can affect how quickly the herbs will work, so response time does vary a lot from person to person, but the vast majority of women see noticeable results within 3 months. About half of women will even see results within the first month, though this is generally increased firmness rather than increased size.

What about actual size increase?

Not many women see size increase within the first month, but in the longer term increases of 2 and even 3 cup sizes have been achieved. If you're thinking about going up a full cup size or more, it's recommended that you think in terms of taking the product for at least 3 months.

What is the success rate?

The number of women who find that their bodies respond to the herbs and achieve a noticeable breast enhancement is more than 90% of those taking it, but bear in mind that the time taken to achieve that response varies enormously. In extreme cases it can take up to 8 months for the body to respond.

Why wouldn't it work?

Bearing in mind that the success rate has been shown to be more than 90%, the most likely reason for not succeeding with the product is that it simply wasn't taken for long enough for that particular person's body to respond.

What about other reasons?

There are quite a number of known reasons why a woman's body might not respond to the treatment. These include such factors as tubal ligation, thyroid complaints, use of nicotine, anorexia nervosa, hysterectomy, adrenal complaints, use of narcotics and recreational drugs, bulimia, severe menstrual problems, severe mental stress, severe physical stress, extreme use of caffeine, and inadequate nutrition.

If you've got any of those are you bound to fail?

No, not at all. You're not bound to fail. If you have one or more of the conditions in the above list, you may still get good results, but would probably need extended use.

Is there anything I can do to help things along?

Eat sensibly. We believe that you should get proper nutrition. Eating properly helps your body to function properly. Making sure that your protein intake is adequate can be a positive step. It's also helpful if you can try to take as much fluid as possible. Water takes the herbal nutrients into the body. It also takes toxins out of the body. Also, some women who stopped smoking have reported results when previously they were not getting results.

Will eliminating caffeine intake help?

Extreme use of caffeine can affect progress because it stresses the glandular system, but moderate caffeine intake (up to 5 caffeinated beverages per day) is unlikely to pose any problem. However, it might possibly help if you don't take caffeinated drinks within an hour either side of taking the tablets.

Should I take the tablets with meals?

The label on the bottle states "preferably at mealtimes", but this is not critical for the effectiveness of the herbs. The important thing is to take the tablets 3 times a day and that the 3 times are well spaced-out. Take 2 tablets on each occasion, so 6 a day in total.

How much is in the tablets?

Each tablet is 500mg. The total daily amount of Wonderup to be taken is therefore 3000mg.

How long can I take Wonderup for?

There is no limitation on the length of time you can take Wonderup for. Some women obtain satisfactory results within the first 3 months but many need longer. Much depends on what results you are trying to achieve, as the greater the breast development you are hoping to gain the longer it is going to take. The speed of your response must also be taken into account, as this is something which inevitably varies a lot from one person to another. There is certainly no reason to stop taking Wonderup until you decide yourself that you are going to stop.

Can larger breasted women get any benefit?

Yes, many larger breasted women have reported benefiting from firming and toning effects. In fact one area of particular success for the product has been in the firming up of sagging that can occur after childbirth or during menopause. In cases like these the breast size tends to remain stable, but a firmer, more uplifted look develops.

So large breasts wouldn't get any bigger?

If a woman is large-breasted already, then she may have already reached or be close to her natural potential breast size. Accordingly, it's unlikely that taking Wonderup would result in any significant size increase, although some slight increase may be experienced.

Is taking this formula safe?

All of the Wonderup ingredients are listed as safe by the FDA on their "generally regarded as safe" list and no adverse side effects have been observed from any of them. In fact many women find that Wonderup is not just safe but healthy too, as there have been many reports of health benefits from taking the product.

Can it be classed as a health food?

Yes, or more specifically as a collection of health foods, as the herbal ingredients have been used extensively for centuries for their nutritional and therapeutic benefits and all have a sound reputation for promoting good health. There are no synthetic additives, colourings or preservatives used in the formula. There are no animal products either. No genetically modified plants are used.

Is it organic?

Wonderup is 100% vegetarian and 100% organic. It's worth repeating that all of the plants used are natural forms and are not genetically modified.

Are there any known interactions?

There are no known interactions with any foods, drinks, drugs or medications of any kinds. However, the product is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and it is not recommended for anyone with an allergy to any of the ingredients.

What about the contraceptive pill?

There are no known interactions with any kinds of birth control pills or injections.

Do I have to use the cream as well?

No, you don't have to use the cream, but it can be a valuable addition to the main programme, as it's designed to act in synergy with the daily intake of the herbs and therefore to help you to get better results.

So how many Wonderup users opt for the cream?

The cream is a newer product and has not been available as long as the tablets, so many of those using Wonderup in the past did not have this option to choose from. Also, the medical review and clinical study of Wonderup were carried out on the basis of the tablets being taken alone. However, now that the cream is available as an optional addition to the main programme, it is proving to be a popular choice, especially among those interested in greater firmness. But those looking for growth are also likely to benefit, as many Wonderup users who have added the cream since they started with the tablets have reported that using the cream has made a significant difference to their growth progress.

What does it do exactly?

The cream acts in synergy with the main programme because it contains the same active ingredients, phytoestrogens, and therefore can contribute to the estrogenic effects of the tablets. It also has good firming, toning, and elasticizing effects on the breast skin and is therefore useful in itself as a firming cream.

So can it be used on its own?

It can be used on its own as a firming cream, but not to promote breast growth, as you must be following the main programme in order to achieve that. By itself it is effective as a firming and anti-sagging cream and is also very useful in the treatment of stretch marks.

Is there a particular way to apply it?

Massage from the armpits towards the front of the breasts, using circular movements to allow the cream to be absorbed by the skin. Don't pinch the breasts or be unnecessarily rough while doing this. The massaging action itself may help your progress, in addition to the beneficial effects of the cream, because the breast tissue can often react positively to massage such as this and the growth process may therefore be encouraged.

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