How does Luscious Lips work?
Luscious Lips uses a natural vacuum process to draw fluid from around the mouth area into the lips, plumping the lips and increasing circulation in the lip and mouth area.
What is the two-week conditioning period?
In the beginning, the tissue in the lips is not prepared to receive large volumes of additional fluid. The tissue must be gradually enhanced by using the device sparingly during the first two weeks. We recommend five two-second “pulls” per day for the first two weeks. After the initial two-week conditioning period, increase the duration of the “pulls” to five seconds for a few days. Following this conditioning routine will minimise bruising or discoloration of the lips that can result from over zealous users. Do not exceed 120 seconds in total (4 thirty-second pulls).
How long does it last?
Results will vary with each individual. The duration of the plump will depend on your personal metabolism and the duration of the “pulls.” For example, three twenty-second pulls will create fuller lips for a longer period of time than three ten-second pulls. Most women report that a medium plump will last from 4-8 hours. We recommend that you create a “medium” plump in the morning and plump again during the day as needed.
How long does it take each day?
Following the initial conditioning period, Luscious Lips works in just a few seconds each time. Experienced users can achieve a “Hollywood” plump with 3 thirty-second pulls, a total of 90 seconds. In general, we recommend that pulls do not exceed twenty seconds and that total time does not exceed 120 seconds.
Can I use Luscious Lips more than once a day?
YES! Most women find that using the Luscious Lips device several times a day keeps their lips plump and full. We recommend several medium plumps each day rather than one prolonged plump.
I’ve always wanted fuller lips but have been afraid of collagen injections. Will Luscious Lips create the fuller lips I desire?
YES! Luscious Lips is an effective alternative to invasive injection or surgical procedures, creating full, natural looking lips for women with smaller lips as well as women who have lost volume in their lips as they age. The effects are under the control of the user and are temporary. You choose the desired plumpness that is best for you.
Is it safe?
YES. Doctor supervised studies have determined that Luscious Lips is safe and effective when used as directed. Because the results are temporary, there are no long-term effects from using Luscious Lips.
What should I do if I get a bruise on my lips?
Bruising should not occur if the conditioning process is carefully followed. If you experience bruising or discoloration, stop using the device until the bruise goes away. Then, begin the conditioning process again to gradually build up the tissue in the lips to receive the additional fluid. 
Am I too old to use Luscious Lips?
NO. Many women in their 70’s and 80’s have found Luscious Lips to be effective in counteracting the shrinking in the lips that naturally occur with loss of volume in the face due to ageing.
Will Luscious Lips help reduce the appearance of fine lines on and around my lips?
Most women report that fine lines around the lips are diminished with continued use of the Luscious Lips device and the Therapeutic Lip Cream.
Does it hurt?
NO! The process should never be painful. When using the Luscious Lips device, allow the device to gently draw the lips into the mouthpiece, hold for a few seconds, and release the vacuum. It is not necessary to pull the vacuum to its maximum power to achieve the desired result.
I have a narrow face. Will Luscious Lips work for me?
The mouthpiece of the Luscious Lips device has been designed to accommodate the facial shape of most women. Women with narrow faces sometimes have difficulty in achieving the airtight seal around the mouthpiece which is necessary to create the vacuum. Usually this situation can be remedied by turning the device upside down and positioning the “bottom” of the mouthpiece just under the nose.
Can I use Luscious Lips if I have dental work (bridges, plates, etc.)?
Using the Luscious Lips device will have no effect on dental work.
I have had collagen injections in the past. Can I still use Luscious Lips?
Luscious Lips is ideal for women who have had collagen injections in the past. Even women who are currently receiving collagen injections find that the use of Luscious Lips helps to smooth the lumps caused from collagen injections.
I have had thin lips all my life. Will Luscious Lips work for me?
Luscious Lips works to increase the size and plumpness of lips of all sizes. You should expect to achieve up to 50% increase in volume of your lips.
I am a mature person and am taking blood thinning medication. Should I use Luscious Lips?
Check with your doctor. Blood thinning medication can make you more susceptible to bruising and Luscious Lips may not be for you. Also, if you are prone to cold sores or bruise easily, you may not be able to use Luscious Lips.
What makes the therapeutic lip cream so special?
The combination of vitamin C, vitamin E, macadamia oil and collagen. The vitamin C and vitamin E are highly effective anti-oxidants and attack free radicals, considered one of the leading causes of premature aging. The macadamia oil has exceptional emollient qualities and is very rich in essential fatty acids which help to combat dry skin conditions. Collagen adds structure to the intercellular matrix of the skin and helps replace natural collagen lost due to ageing. Together these ingredients penetrate the sensitive skin of the lips and the mouth area in general to significantly hydrate the tissues, thereby firming the skin and reducing the appearance of the fine vertical lines.
When should I use the Therapeutic Lip Cream?
Apply TLC to clean skin in the morning under makeup and again at bedtime.
Do I use TLC at the same time as the Luscious Lips device?
TLC complements the plumping effects of the Luscious Lips device, but is used independently. Use TLC in the morning under makeup and again at bedtime. Use the Luscious Lips device at least once a day to maintain the condition of the lip tissue.

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