How To Maintain The Pump

The Luscious Lips vacuum pump is manufactured to strict tolerances in order to provide the user with the maximum benefit and with the least effort. To keep the pump working this way and to maximize its efficiency, the device should always be felt to slide easily when you are using it. Lubricating the device periodically will help maintain this smooth operation and therefore maintain the function of the pump and extend its life.
It's easy to carry out the occasional lubrication that we recommend. Simply pull the device apart and apply a small amount of facial moisturizing cream up INSIDE the tube connected to the mouthpiece. Then reassemble the device and pump it a few times to create a smooth, easy pull.
Periodically lubricating the pump in this way should ensure that the plunger will always slide easily and smoothly and will be in the right condition to create an excellent vacuum. If you find that the device is sticking and is getting hard to pull, that will tell you that a lubrication of the device is due and you should find that carrying out the lubrication solves the problem.
If you have recently lubricated your pump, but it is still sticky and hard to pull, you need to make sure that you are lubricating the inside of the tube connected to the mouthpiece. Lubricating the outside of the tube will have no effect. To be sure you are lubricating the proper surface, spread moisturizer down through the mouthpiece.
General cleaning of the Luscious Lips pump is usually quite easy. Do not immerse the device or any part of it in water. Simply wipe it with a paper towel lightly dampened with a mild cleaning solution.

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